Closed: Win a Stunning Photography Theme

By Ash Davies
October 1, 2010 from Blog

This competition is closed. Check out the winning entry over here.

Share your favourite photo and you could win this stunning WordPress Photography theme courtesy of The Theme Foundry. It’s a beautiful theme designed to showcase your photography with elegant galleries, a blog and rich large images right across the website.

‘Photography’ holds a very simple design, but it’s an incredibly capable theme. Image galleries are fully integrated with your WordPress Galleries, and you can even directly link your theme to Flickr to automatically share your photographs. ‘Photography’ is normally valued at $68, but I’ve got one free copy to give away.
Be sure to check out the live demo.

Here’s how to enter.

Step 1: Find your favourite photo. This should be one you’ve taken yourself.

Step 2: Share it with PhotoGuides by linking to it in the comments below. Also tell us why it’s your favourite photo.

Step 3: Tweet or Facebook the competition to double your chances.

Here are some more details.

All of the photos will then be reviewed and the winner will be chosen based on which photo I like the most. I won’t be looking for the photo that’s technically perfect. I’ll be looking for my favourite and reading your explanations to see which photograph I feel deserves to win.

The competition will close in two weeks on Saturday October 16th, and I’ll announce the winner shortly afterwards. I’ll also share a few of my favourite entries here on PhotoGuides. I’ll then be in contact with you to send you your theme.

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your favourite photographs!

  • Rohan G
    This picture was initially an accidental shot, but after some tweaking I think I was able to get the most out of it. The picture itself is pretty special to me as it was taken in Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, which is one of my all time favorite spots.
    The roller coaster’s orange really stands out against the green of the trees to create an interesting contrast.

  • Venura Herath

    Everyone likes nice bright happy photos. We always try show our happy face to the world. but no one sees how many hidden scars there. So i composed this picture.

  • http://Website(optional) Kailash Gyawali

    This is one of my best photo that I have taken and the most loved photo in flickr, the best thing about this photo is the innocence which I was lucky to capture in that moment and I am glad about it.

  • Karthik

    This is one of my favorite photo. It took me a lot of work to get this shot. One reason for which i like this photo is the colors in it, and also the splash pattern.

  • Craighton Miller

    I love this picture because it is my first picture that I ever took with my DSLR camera. It came out better than I had hoped. I just love how the flower pops at you.

  • Ilja

    Trololo. This photo is best for me from my photo library. It is really nice and accidental shot, funny and a little bit curious one.

    Thanks for Your attention.

  • Pavlic

    This photo is one of my best. It is made quite by chance when I tested my new lens. I am very lucky name, that at that moment my cat posing and created this photo.

  • drec

    Currently I like this one I took while learning how to use Soft-Boxes with a ProPixWorkShop. Borrowed the Soft-Box but the rest of the kit was my cheap Yongnuo set-up and a battered old 400d

  • http://Website(optional) Beth


    This is one of my favorite photos because it never ceases to amaze me how stunning a simple flower can be, despite how professional a photographer you are.

  • Aims McCabe

    I actually got this shot on a little Nikon Coolpix camera (hence the noise) but I love this picture. It’s of my friend Mike playing the drums in a band I’m friends with (Hollow Drive from Jackson, MI)….I had climbed up a ladder to get level with the stage…and he had this great moment where he stalled out the cymbals for absolute silence….and he just happened to look my way…and that’s how epic shots happen.

  • http://Website(optional) Anna Harrelson

    As of now, this is my favorite photo. And i think it will forever be my favorite photo. This is Mary, a 3 year old Refugee that the UK brought here from Asia. I have fallen in love with this little child and her family. I love the way you can see Hope in her eyes. You can see so much from the first one i took of her to now.

    Her eyes..capture my heart.

  • michal

    this is my favourite photo.
    it was captured in Bratislava. That people are my ex-class mates and ex-teachers :D they are great :)

  • Glady Anne

    This isn’t one of “flickr’s” favorite shots, but it is mine. The shadow is of course me and it was inspired by the random wondrous place I found walking off into the distance. There was a big river with kids jumping around in it and lots of sand that looked untouched. This place was deep into big bushes and tall grass so no wonder I never found it before.
    This just seemed to sum up my inspiration.

  • Dirk

    this is one of my favorite shots, because I had the impression, that the man in the wheelchair was really thinking about “life” when he was looking at this little island.

    The picture was taken in Southkorea (at the eastcoast)

  • http://Website(optional) Dominique

    This is one of my favorite shots during my last vacation in Switzerland last summer. It was a foggy day, and there where not many people around there.

    The quality is not really high but thats only cuz i took it with a normal pocket cam.

  • http://Website(optional) Luke

    This is one of my favorite macro shots because its one of my first shots using a dslr camera

  • go-around
    It remember me on the final trip with my grade to norway last year.

  • http://Website(optional) Michiel Defauw

    This is a photo taken on a tuningmeeting, this is not a photoshoot, so I couldn’t tell where he had to stand for a more perfect photo. I took the best angle (I think) and unfortunatly I had to cut out a piece, ’cause of another car was standing there and pretty much ruining the picture.
    The reason i took this picture is accually because i’m a beginner photographer and this was my first day my settings were allmost always right at the first try.

  • Mapet Enriquez

    This would remain as my favorite photo that I have taken not only because of the gorgeous boy who is the subject but because it was my first trip to Europe and my colleague was kind enough to invite me to join their neighborhood barbecue. I especially love the color of his eyes and the endearing gap between his two front teeth. I was also lucky enough to have this boy stay still for a couple of minutes while I took his photo. :)

  • http://Website(optional) Name (required)

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  • http://Website(optional) Matthew Santomarco

    This photo remains my favorite photo to date. It was taken last fall at a historic railroad museum in Colorado. Although these trains have been long out of commission, I believe this picture is able to capture the power and majesty they once had powering their way across the country and capturing the imagination of the public.

  • http://Website(optional) Chris Bianchi

    Why do I like this photo? Well, there’s a few reasons. Lightning and photos of it have always intrigued me. The beauty and power is simply overwhelming. It was taken on a stellar kind-of day; away at school, warm and sunny, surprise storms. It was both exciting and breathtaking standing on the third floor fire escape of the house, surrounded by storms, trying to get the shots. On top of all this it doesn’t use overwhelming amounts of photoshop sparkle; just camera technique and some brightness/contrast adjustments. The beauty of the photograph is almost entirely natural.

  • MarzImator

    I used a Pentax Camera… I love the ambient feel to this picture I took.

    p.s. there are some really good photos in this post!

  • Jackson

    Well I just wiped my god damn computer.

    And I use blogger.

  • Thamer Al-Hassan

    this is one of my best night shot I made… the long exposure made the picture feels very colorful

  • http://Website(optional) harry
    this picture reflects the image of modern egypt and thats why i like it

  • http://Website(optional) Assag

    my name is Assaf, i am 20 years old and i am a photographer in the IDF (israel Defense Force).
    this picture was taken after a missel attack and this is actually the crash site. the missile hit a populated israeli house. you can see the the soldier in the photo cutting his way thru the concreet and iron bars in order to get to the people still trapped inside.

  • bergerbest

    my name is Assaf, i am 20 years old and i am a photographer in the IDF (israel Defense Force).
    this picture was taken after a missel attack and this is actually the crash site. the missile hit a populated israeli house. you can see the the soldier in the photo cutting his way thru the concreet and iron bars in order to get to the people still trapped inside.

  • Cassi

    I was riding my bike on a grey and overcast day, and came upon these Holsteins. When I stopped to take a picture of the entire group grazing, a bunch of them came directly toward me – gentle and curious, as only dairy cows can be. They were as fascinated with me and my camera as I was with them. It was a wonderful surprise on this otherwise grey day.

  • http://Website(optional) Julio Chavez!/photo.php?fbid=15552506574&set=a.15500771574.22682.580096574

    This is my dog Nicolas when he was three months old, this picture was the start of my career as a dog and cat photographer. People started asking me to take pictures of their dogs and cats, I never studied photography but I read a lot about it and I love animals as well as photography.

  • Bhavya Daiya

    Hey! this is my favourite photo

    I love this photo because sometimes you dont need an awesome camera to take good photos (I shouldnt be saying that my picture is awesome), this probably is the cheapest point and shoot camera! But, I was just casually surfing the internet when I saw the light around me change to this awesome orangish colour. for the first time I had my camera handy to take photos

  • http://Website(optional) Wessel Jansen

    This is my favorite photo because it’s as if the crow was being really sarcastic. haha

    I still remember telling myself I had to take the shot no matter what. No spectacular colors or anything, but it’s kinda scary and fun at the same time. One of a kind.

    I bought my first SRL-camera a couple of months ago. I’m still a beginner, but I want to grow as a photographer. There is a lot of good inspiration in the comments above. That’s the main reason I participate.

    I took the photo in Tokyo, Japan; a fun place to go!

  • Chris Stern

    This photo was taken at Fan Pier in South Boston, MA near the Moakley Courthouse.

    This photo has an interesting story. I took this photo as part of the “On Assignment” Photography Contest hosted by Towner Jones Photography’s blog. He asked photographers to take 6 images during sunrise or sunset and all of them have to be shot within 1 hour. Out of the 6 photos I submitted in the series, this one was my favorite.

    The best part is my photo series of the Boston Skyline was selected the winner.

    Now, each time I look at this photo I am amazed at how much I really love this photo and that I actually took it myself.

  • Fahima Mohideen

    This photo was taken from behind a shopping centre in Ernakulam, Kerala, in India. I went there recently with my friends, and taking this photo was one the highlights of an otherwise disappointing day. The backwaters were behind the centre, and my friends & I were lazing around and chatting with each other when I spotted this bird just about to take off.

    It reminds me of times when a person is just about to take a big step in life and are poised at the precipice, and since I am at such a stage in life right now, I felt it was significant.