‘Venice in a Day’ incredible tilt shift timelapse

By Ash Davies
May 1, 2012 from Inspiration

I can’t think of a more fitting city to base a tilt shift film on. ‘Venice in a Day’ follows Venice from sunrise to sunset, overlooking the gorgeous city and even flowing through the canals with the boats.

Joerg Niggli hoped to share the magic of Venice in his film and he’s undoubtedly done that. The cinematography is stunning and the tilt shift effect subtle, but surreally powerful. He’s even managed to apply the tilt shift effect from a low vantage point. His toy like rendition of Venice from within the canals has worked astoundingly well.

If you’re curious as to how Joerg has managed to steadily pan and slide the camera through the time lapse, we’ll have a guide on PhotoGuides in a few weeks explaining the technique.

Otherwise enjoy the film! And be sure to check out our guide on adding the tilt shift effect your own photos!