Synergy – The Truth About Hybrids

By Ash Davies
October 31, 2009 from Blog

This isn’t quite a Photo Guide. Nor is it relevant to most of my readers. What you’re looking at here is a short documentary I’ve created which I hope will be the first step on the way to living my dream.

If you’ve read my colophon you may remember that my dream is to one day combine my love for writing, cars and cinematography by hosting my own car show. My ambition is to review cars on video, sort of like Top Gear, but without fame as my motivation.

Synergy is a short documentary I’ve created for my media class at school. The basic task was to create a short minute documentary on a subject we’re passionate about, so I took the opportunity to create what I hope will be my key into the industry. Synergy looks into the Toyota Prius and the technology behind it. It’s sort of an in depth car review which also looks at the philosophy behind the car.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. All feedback is welcome and encouraged, be it regarding the editing, cinematography or the review. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them. Feel free to contact me directly as well.
Also, if you like this, please do share it with anyone else you feel may enjoy it, because the more people that see it, the greater chance I have.

  • Chris

    Nice work. Interesting. An important topic. My only criticism is interior lighting. Looking a bit flat. But you held my attention.


    Hey Ash! I got together with Evel from Finalgear and we made our blog – we featured your movie here:

  • Ash Davies

    Thanks for featuring it :)

  • David

    Utterly false.

    That allegation was brought forth by CNW Marketing (who markets for GM no less, so there is an ulterior motive to plug the Hummer and bash the Prius), which has been repeatedly discredited. They cited pollution around the Sudbury nickel mines in Ontario Canada, but that plant had been polluting the environment for 30 years before the first Prius ever came onto the market.

    Consider this: The U.S and Canadian governments use more nickel to mint its coins every year than Toyota uses to make Prius batteries. Yet nobody is screaming bloody murder about how your coins are causing environmental harm.

    How about the aircraft jet engines, which needs high-temperature nickel alloys by the ton for its compressor fan blades, or nickel stainless steel by the ton for building construction? The amount of nickel used in all the Priuses made to date is miniscule compared to all the other uses for Nickel.

    The CNW Marketing report has been refuted by organizations like the Argonne National Laboratory and the Pacific Institute. It’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

    Funny that years after CNW came out with their tissue of marketing lies, their client GM decided to jump on the hybrid bandwagon with their 2-mode hybrid system that cost a billion dollars to develop.

  • Ash Davies

    Thanks for your contribution. I’ve no doubt your claims are true, but i’m not entirely sure how they deny what i’m trying to argue in the film.

    If it is true that jet engines and coin production causes significantly more environmental harm than the Prius, then i suppose that the impact that the car has is so minimal in comparison that there really is no reason to buy cars like the Prius which supposedly save the world.

    Please note that in the film my exposition is not that the Prius is environmentally damaging. I’m simply saying that if you do want a fuel efficient car then a conventional car, a diesel, or especially a 2nd hand car will be better for the environment than the Prius.

    Thanks again for your comments

  • 50gig

    Very thought provoking film. Well written as well. The presentation is a combination of Jeremy Clarkson and James May; fun to watch but intelligent and practical.

    I’m sure you could make a profession doing something like this.
    Nice work

  • JackBaruth

    First off I don’t know why I wasted 10 minutes of my life watching this crap but I guess I was intrigued by your stupidity, by god are you stupid. I guess I can’t blame you since you come from an island full of deported criminals and inbred sheep shaggers but still, please don’t ever attempt to share your pathetic views with the rest of the world again.

    My biggest issue is the rediculous math that you used. If I buy a Prius for 40k and sell it for 20k I lose 20k, not 25k. Because my neighbour decided to buy a Focus doesn’t cost me an extra 5k. Please, run these numbers in your mind once or twice.. Do you see the epic mistake that you made there?

    Second of all, that story about nickel is just utter bs. Sure a Hybrid uses more of it, but in the grand scheme of things it’s still just a drop in the ocean. It’s funny how you complain about that the car’s interior seems to be made out of some sort of recycled material, yet oh my god they used nickel to build the car!!1!!!!11 Contradiction much? Besides, 95% of the batterypack in a Prius is recyclable. The mobile phones that you’ll use in the next 10 years of your life will have a bigger impact on the invorment than a Prius’ battery.

    Now you might not be impressed with how the Prius drives, but many people actually enjoy something a bit more quiet, comfortable and reliable. Please don’t forget that the Prius has been in the top of most reliable cars for years now, and that is for many people a bigger reason to own one than the ecological or economical aspect of it.

    Now I agree that if you only save $1000 a year in fuel it will take a long time for the car to pay itself back, but in the future fossil fuels will become even more scarse. You don’t see the added benefit of owning a high mpg car now, but when the gasstations in the future will only sell you 10 liter a week you’ll probably see the point. And by that time your Holden V8 (or Focus) will be worth nill and my Prius will probably cost more than a proper house.

    I can’t believe I just took the time to write this as a reply to a 5 year old video but hopefully it will still have some effect to offset the utter nonsence that’s been displayed in this video.