By Ash Davies
July 24, 2009 from Tips and Tricks

Thanks to Jealousy Blue from Flickr for the amazing starburst photo.

Capture the sun in a photo and you’ll occasionally find it completely overpowers the image. Your exposure will be off balance and often the subject you’re trying to photograph will be either grayed out or too dark. Using the Starburst effect, you can now make the sun, and any other light source, a fantastic part of your image.

Observation is explanation enough. In the image above, you’ll see that the light from the sun is bursting out and explosively sending rays in all directions like a star. Creating this stunning effect is actually very simple, and all it involves is some basic knowledge of aperture.

I won’t elaborate on aperture here. If you’re not clear on that then you may like to brush over the aperture guide. Basically, to create the starburst effect, all you need to do is increase your aperture to the highest number, hence making the opening as small as possible (e.g. F-22).

That’s it. Just set your aperture to a high number and then street lights, the sun, and even sparkling light reflections off chrome or glass will seem to explode into a star.

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