Simunye. New Photography Collection

By Ash Davies
April 20, 2009 from News and Updates

The Simunye Photography Collection

If you’re a regular on Photo Guides you may have noticed a lack of activity over the past 20 days or so. This is because I’ve been in South Africa on a trip called Simunye (meaning ‘We Are One’).

The Simunye Project is a non-profit organization which aims to empower young australians with the skills and attitude needed to make a global difference. Throughout my experience I, along with the rest of the team, helped to provide resources to a primary school, orphanage and after school program which included building a playground and a creche, as well as spending time playing with the children.

This experience is one I’ll never forget for many reasons, but the one most of you are interested in is the photography. I’ve tried to capture the emotion and happiness of the children as we interacted and played with them, and some of the photos powerfully convey this. The trip also included game drives and many sight seeing opportunities so my Simunye Collection holds many unique scenic views of South Africa with a focus on the incredible animals.

So take a look at my Simunye Collection

  • corinne

    Ash Davies you have an amazing gift with photography. I thought some of my photos weren’t to bad until I saw yours!!