Rooftopping & the story behind Tom Ryaboi’s crazy fad

By Ash Davies
April 27, 2012 from Blog,Inspiration

As you can imagine, the above photo caught my attention. Tom Ryaboi bypassed security and roamed to the top of this skyscraper to snap this photo. Little did he know his photo would spark a new fad called Rooftopping. It’s dangerous, it’s crazy, but my god it’s incredible.

This photo went viral amongst the photo world. Copycats took to the rooftops spreading a vast number of crazy city shots across the web. The goal of Rooftopping? To span the top of every tall skyscraper in your city, hang off the edge and capture a photograph for proof.

In a recent blog post on 500px Tom shared the story behind this incredible photograph – from the very first rooftopping endeavour to the moments leading up to this captivating photo. It’s well worth a read.

We walked around for a while and scouted a few buildings when we serendipitously found ourselves in front of one of Toronto’s sweetest high rises. Nestled in the heart of the financial district, it was a building we have attempted and failed many times before.

There was no time to waste, we were going for it. After moving past security without incident, we found ourselves in the elevator watching numbers run up. The sense of uncertainty and anxious anticipation was thick, but luck was on our side on this day, and a few minutes later we were face-to-face with an open hatch.

So what do you think of rooftopping? Stupid? Would you try it? I’ve requested an interview with Tom to hopefully delve into the emotions behind rooftopping. Fingers crossed he lets us share more of his story!

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