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Depth of Field

Despite its simplicity, the Depth of field is one of the most effective characteristics of a photo. It refers to the range of in-focus visibility of the shot, or, in other words, how far you can clearly see.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a method and technique that can help you compose your image and bring out its energy, tension and feel. All you really need to do is imagine your cameras screen is split into nine even squares.



When you’re in a dark room, your pupils will dilate to let as much light in as possible. Switch the light on and you’ll find that your eyes instantly contract so that you’re not blinded. On a camera, the aperture works in a very similar way.

White Balance

If you’ve paid attention in Science class you’ll have heard about rainbows and spectrums. Basically, light can be split into different colors. Your camera is designed to read the colors emitted by the sun, so when you go indoors your color can be thrown off. White balance helps you fix this.


Exposure can be defined as the amount of light that reaches your cameras sensor in a photo. A longer exposure will give you a brighter image, and of course a shorter exposure will give you a darker one.