Free Apple iPad PSD

By Ash Davies
April 6, 2010 from Freebies

I was looking at making an iPad on photoshop for the next podcast, but then I got a bit carried away. Needless to say, I put way too much time into it and created something far too complicated for a 10 minute podcast.
But rather than let my creation go to waste, I thought I might offer the fully customisable PSD file I created to all of you.

As you can probably tell from the above image, it’s pretty much perfect, and it’s an incredibly high resolution file. Furthermore with this PSD file you can customise absolutely everything, from the wallpaper to the number of new emails, and even the colours of the iPad itself.

Hopefully some of you will find a use for it.
You might also like to check out this tutorial for Photoshopping iPhone Icons.

  • Dan Taylor

    Very cool! Very Useful! All around – thanks! :D

  • Mac

    Wow! Cool! Thank you!

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  • Mike

    Great job! It looks very realistic!

  • chinahat242

    Finally a apple iPad that is somewhat useful. :P

  • zander.stilger

    I can’t seem to open the psd file. I have CS5, but i doubt that is the problem

  • Vladislav Melnik

    Thanks a lot! :)