Canon’s new 6D Full Frame SLR. The Complete Rundown.

By Ash Davies
September 17, 2012 from Camera Talk,News and Updates

Last week Nikon released their D600 entry level Full Frame DSLR. Today, we hear Canon’s response with the launch of the 6D. It looks to be a strong rival to the D600 with a full frame sensor and a lower-than-expected price. Delving into the specs though, it’s clear that Canon’s real intention for the 6D is to replace it’s very own 5D Mark II.

The Specs

Canon’s 6D boasts a full frame, 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. It holds a rather underwhelming 11 AF points and the impressive DIGIC 5+ Image processor. ISO comes at 25600, expandable to 102400, and it can shoot at 4.5 frames per second. The specifications sound rather mediocre (especially when Sony released a 121 AF point camera just a few days earlier) but in retrospect, they’re almost exactly the same as Canon’s old 5D Mark II. At just $2100 AUD too, the 6D is sure to stir the waters of the pro-sumer video SLR market.

The Big Features

Beyond the full frame sensor, the biggest feature of the 6D is built-in Wifi. Unlike with Nikon cameras where you need to buy an expensive dongle to enable Wifi functionality, Canon have built it right into the 6D. This allows the 6D to wirelessly transfer photos to your computer or tablet, beam files to Canon’s storage servers, or even share them on social networks. It can now also be controlled wirelessly with Canon’s new remote app for iPhone and Android. This is one of the first (if not the first) SLR to build Wifi directly into the camera, and will stand out as one of the killer features of the 6D.

The 6D also comes equipped with a GPS to geotag photos, a 1,040,000 dot 3-inch LCD (that doesn’t swivel) and duel SD card slots. A new HDR mode will allow you to bracket exposures and process HDR images on the go.

Canon 6D Top Image

The Video Modes

Sure enough, the video specs of the 6D are exactly the same as Canon’s old 5D Mark II. It shoots full 1080p video at 25 and 30fps, and shoots 50 or 60fps at 720p. No real surprises, but it’s nothing to be disappointed by!

Compared to Nikon’s D600

Canon’s 6D is slightly underwhelming when compared directly to Nikon’s D600. Nikon wins the megapixel count at 24.3 megapixels, the AF count with a 39-point AF system, and it shoots 1fps faster than the Canon. Both are small, lightweight, boast a full frame sensor and the same video capabilities. The big difference though is the price. Canon’s 6D starts at just $2100, whereas Nikon’s D600 retails for $2600!

What this all means

Canon’s 6D holds no real surprises. It’s almost directly comparable to the old 5D Mark II, but a few new features like Wifi and GPS capability gives it a modern edge. We must remember though, the 5D Mark II was (and still is) a phenomenal camera. It showed the world the power of a full frame sensor and revolutionised the video SLR world. As the smallest, lightest and now the cheapest Full Frame SLR in the market, the Canon 6D is no doubt going to be a big hit.

Would you consider a 6D?

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