The PhotoGuides Guide to Photography

- The perfect companion to the photography enthusiast -

The PhotoGuides Book is a complete guide to photography. It will help you to learn everything there is to know about photography, but will also inspire you with tips, tricks and ideas to get out there and take amazing photos.

With photographers and schools in over 25 countries now using the PhotoGuides book, we really believe this is the best photography book in the world.

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A complete collection of beginner’s guides:

From Aperture to Histograms, the PhotoGuides book will teach you everything there is to know about photography and your camera. With rich diagrams and graphics too, it’s a beautiful and simple book to read!

Tips, tricks and techniques:

We’ve included hundreds of great tips and ideas for a broad range of photography scenarios like sunsets, motion and fireworks, along with some really cool new photography techniques.

The PhotoGuides book is about so much more than learning. It’s about inspiring, and these tips will make you want to go out there and discover photography!

Gorgeous full page images:

Every guide comes with an incredible full page image to help put the ideas directly into context. These rich images and diagrams make the PhotoGuides book incredibly easy to read.

Now on iPad!

For the first time ever we’ve got an iPad version of the PhotoGuides book!

We’ve been working with the publishing label Tablo to bring you an incredible, interactive version of the PhotoGuides book. Now you can tap diagrams, touch words you don’t know and view images in more detail than we’ve ever been able to show.