Apple’s Jonathan Ive to design a one-off Leica camera

By Ash Davies
September 19, 2012 from Camera Talk,News and Updates

Jony Ive to design Leica M series camera for charity

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial design, Sir Jonathan Ive, will be designing a one-off Leica M series camera the company’s owner Andreas Kaufmann announced yesterday. Only one camera will ever be produced and it will be auctioned off for charity.

It’s certainly a suitable alignment. Apple’s iPhones have often been compared to Leica cameras in their simplicity, high quality materials and precise build quality. No technical information about the camera has been announced, but it’s likely to follow the standard Leica M series specifications of a 24 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, ‘Maestro’ processor and 3 inch display.

This isn’t the first special edition Leica M series. A few months ago Leica produced 300 examples of the M9-P Hermés Edition, a beautiful hand crafted rangefinder camera (with an equally beautiful making-of video), that sold for $50,000 each. Jony Ive’s will no doubt sell for a lot more.

What do you think a Leica camera designed by Sir Jony would look like?