Antarctic Photographer fed Penguins by Leopard Seal for four days.

By Ash Davies
October 23, 2012 from Inspiration

Yep, that’s the title we’re going with.

On a photographic expedition to Antarctica, Paul Nicklen encountered a 46 foot long Leopard Seal. It posed no threat, but instead began delivering live penguins to Paul as gifts. The video explains the story pretty well!

Paul Nicken is a widely regarded wildlife photographer, often working as a contributor for National Geographic magazine. Just last week Paul was awarded the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for the Emperor Penguin photograph below.

Be sure to check out Paul Nicklen’s portfolio on his website too. Otherwise, enjoy the video!

  • Mglinearart

    I’m sure your “46 foot” is a typo..

  • Nicholas Chang

    Incredible set of teeth on those guys. I don’t think I would get down there even if they paid me a thousand dollars.