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About me: I'm Ash Davies, the founder of PhotoGuides and author of the PhotoGuides book. I'm a 19 year old photographer and entrepreneur with a love of photography and design. PhotoGuides is my excuse to learn cool new stuff!


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  1. Episode 11: Photoshopping iCloud Style Aluminium Icons

    Thanks Gemini. To create the reflection, take a look at this tutorial

    Hopefully that helps :)

  2. Episode 4: Photoshopping iPhone Icons

    Hi Roland, glad you like them :)
    You can see the rest of the video tutorials over in the Podcast section.

  3. Using Flash Modes Creatively

    Anything I can help you with?

  4. Episode 4: Photoshopping iPhone Icons

    Hi Seng,

    To save it into an ipod touch or iphone you’ll have to sync it as a photo with itunes, or alternatively email yourself the image and download it on your iphone.
    Just to clarify, the tutorial is for creating an image, and not an actual icon to be used on the iPhone.

    Hopefully that helps, and happy new year!

  5. Episode 6: Photoshopping Obama 'Hope' Posters

    Thanks for the tip Damien. It should be back up and working now :)

  6. Episode 10: Photoshopping Neon Text

    In the above article click on the link that says MyFonts.
    It’ll take you to this website
    Then click buying choices and you can grab 300, 500 and 700 for free.

  7. Light Graffiti

    Hi Craig,
    You can take these photos in either Raw or Jpeg. From my experiences, processing time for longer exposed photos is roughly the same as the exposure time. In other words, a 15 second exposure will take around 15 seconds to process. This could differ depending on the camera though.
    I hope this helps :)

  8. Episode 10: Photoshopping Neon Text

    Hi Zico,
    You can download the PSD source file in the ‘Members Get More’ section just below the video.
    Hopefully that helps :)

  9. 20 Astounding Photos of the Human Eye

    Thanks for the tips David :)
    Fiona, if you have a polarised filter then I suggest trying that as well. I’m not sure how polarisation works on an eye, but it’s worth giving a go

  10. 20 Astounding Photos of the Human Eye

    I’ll certainly have a look at the technique and if I can find a way to do it well then I’ll put a guide together :)

  11. Episode 4: Photoshopping iPhone Icons

    When you’re using the rounded rectangle tool, on the top left of photoshop there should be three options for the type of selection you’re making. My guess is that you have ‘paths’ selected. Try setting it to ‘Shape Layers’ or just fiddling with those selection options (there should be three), and see if that works.
    Hopefully that’s on the right track. I’m not sure of CS5′s interface because I’m still on CS3.
    Let me know how it goes

  12. Closed: Win 1 of 3 Bokeh Masters Kits

    I’ve just updated it so you can enter by commenting on this post too. You’re now in the draw :)

  13. Episode 10: Photoshopping Neon Text

    Hi. The brick wall image is my own, and I give you full permission to use it on your website. Enjoy!

  14. Episode 6: Photoshopping Obama 'Hope' Posters

    It’s working for me. Have you right clicked it? If it still doesn’t work maybe try a different browser.

  15. The Exposure Triangle

    Glad you like it. PhotoGuides is based on ‘Headlines’ by WooThemes.

  16. Megapixels

    It really depends on the price or type of camera. If you have an SLR then no it shouldn’t be sacrificing quality. If you have a quality point and shoot camera then it should be fine also.
    The only time that the higher megapixels really suggest degraded quality is with the cheaper cameras, usually around the $100 mark.

  17. Episode 10: Photoshopping Neon Text

    You can get the font Museo from here. You may need to register an account, but Museo 300, 500 and 700 are free :)

  18. Episode 10: Photoshopping Neon Text

    Just head over to and upload a profile pic, and then it’ll automatically appear on pretty much every blog you comment on (it recognises your email address)

  19. Episode 10: Photoshopping Neon Text

    Try pressing control or command+semicolon. That should remove it.
    Let me know if that works

  20. 17 Stunning Smoke Photographs

    There are tutorials on the web for creating smoke in photoshop (see, but it’s almost impossible to replicate a real image like these ones.

  21. Photoshop Quick Tip #1: Reflections

    You certainly could create a sunset with this method. It could be difficult if you’re using a photograph, but the general method of using a low opacity and a layer mask should work.
    Hope that helps.

  22. A Call for Contributors

    The contributors form is an application form. Please read through the page and then if you’re interested, fill in that form expressing your interest, sharing any ideas you have as well as sharing your flickr, website or online portfolio, just so I can see what you’re capable of.

  23. Episode 5: Photoshopping Apple's Aqua Wallpaper

    Sorry the link does appear to be broken.
    Unfortunately though I’m away at the moment with just an iPod touch and McDonalds Free Wifi so I’m unable to fix the link yet.
    For now though you could try going to the Vimeo page and downloading it from the bottom right.
    Sorry for the inconvenience

  24. Episode 9: Photoshopping a Heroes Style Eclipse

    Thanks. Glad you like it.
    I’m not sure if there’s a command for it, but there is a trick I usually use. Press control or command R to bring the rulers onto the canvas, then drag some new guidelines horizontally and vertically to the centre (sometimes they snap in place, other times I just use the measurements). The crossover will be the perfect centre. That’s how I usually guide myself.
    Hope that helps :)

  25. 10 Tips for Photographing Fireworks

    Hi again.
    From what I can tell you’re scrolling beyond 1/30 (one 30th of a second) as opposed to 30″ (30 seconds). Try scrolling in the other direction. I’m not sure if that will work, but it’s worth a try :)