5 Ways to Re-Vamp your Photography Business Card!

By Lucy Pallett-Jones (Ham Photography)
October 11, 2012 from Blog,Inspiration,Photography

Your business card is a potential client’s first port of call. If they’ve decided they like you, your contact information will enable them to peruse your portfolio or book you for the job. But what if they have a fistful of business cards? Would you pick the minimalist white card with black capital letters…or the awesome mounted film with contact details stamped in red ink? 

1. Film Slides

This is perhaps the coolest photography business card idea around. Cardboard-mounted film can be stamped with two custom stamps to achieve a personable and completely unique contact card.

This business card was designed by Micah Panama for photographer Benjamin Hunter. Micah asked Ben to shoot several rolls of slide film and simply commissioned a custom rubber stamp with the photographer’s contact details. Benjamin says:

“It calls for action, as the bearer lifts it up to a light source to view the image. They are also interactive, because the customer can sift through a collection of cards in a box to find the image they like best. It becomes very personal.”

And the best part? When Benjamin runs out of cards, he simply pulls out a bunch of slide film, stamps the slides, and gets out of his car to shoot the event.

2. The Viewfinder Business Card

The incredible Tind(a.k.a. Manolis Angelakis) created these viewfinder business cards for photographer Alexandra Stamopoulou. The cards are inspired by the viewfinder of a Zenit camera (though unlike the Zenit, the cards are clear instead of brown and feature a split viewfinder and straight edges).

Tind is a silk screenprinter (based in Greece) and keeps his processes wrapped up tight, but you can see some photographs of the making of these cards here. You can also commission him for work here.

Tind’s random silkscreen business card project is also worth a look. 200 unique (and random!) silkscreen-printed business cards will set you back $55.

3. DIY Materials

Business cards made from scrap materials scream UNUSUAL!

Think old metro cards, laminated receipts, scrap pieces of mobile phones, playing cards, train tickets, and dried denim.

This idea can be really charming…or really tacky. It has to be executed properly. Photojojo says:

To be taken seriously, a homemade card has to show that it’s made that way on purpose. Unusual materials and details work. Those perforated office-supply sheets do not.”

4. Signed and Sealed

A simple folded business card can become utterly awesome with a personal wax seal. Wax stamps can be custom-designed with your logo and ordered online from the likes of Wax-Works and The Stamp Store.

If photographers had been around in Tudor England, they probably would have gone down this path.

5. Rolling Papers

Imagine meeting a photographer at a gig, and instead of being handed a standard 90×55 business card, you’re given a pack of rolling papers with his details.

This out-there idea means that every stranger who bums a cigarette becomes a potential client.

Having these made will be pretty pricey. If you’re big on DIY, you might consider printing your own rolling papers. If you commission a custom stamp, any pack of papers could become your business cards.


At the end of the day, your business card is a call to action. Your contact details are the most important element of the card…but its design and peculiarity will engage the client and encourage them to dial your number. An ordinary business card may work for you, but with everyone calling themselves photographers these days, why shouldn’t you step outside the mould?

Do you have an eccentric business card idea? Share your wisdom and leave a comment below!

  • Nicholas Chang

    Do you think it’s worth going to the effort of organizing such crazy cards? I think they look amazing but I’m not sure about the practicalities of it all.