20 Astounding Photos of the Human Eye

By Ash Davies
June 7, 2010 from Inspiration

The Human Eye has always been a fairly incredible thing, but when viewed up close with the detail of Macro and HDR photography, it bares completely new dimensions. The colours and patterns are just mesmerising. Photos like this aren’t that difficult to achieve either. All you need is a Macro lens, Photomatix or another HDR program, and a person who’s willing to let you shove a camera right in their face.

Sparkle in her Eye by Dezz

HDR Hypno Eye Colour Isolation by Connor179bc

Eye of the Tiger by felix berndt

Keep your Eyes Open by Felix Berndt

Eye HDR by ridethespiral1

Ethans Eye HDR by ladytwiglet

Exp HDR 4 by dakotapearl

Eye by funnyamoony

Eye HDR by aolifu

Human Eye in HDR by erion

Reflective Eye by opticalsonnet

My Eye HDR by ruioliveira

I Saw a Soul by C-Hass

HDR Eye by bazerc

My Eye HDR by P11K

The World just makes me sick by Juggleart

Eye II by JustCN

Looking Up HDR by SingingBlackbird

Eye HDR by teforeon

HDR Eye by Felix Berndt

  • Alexandru Cascatau

    Not indending to be an asshole or anything, but they all look pretty amateurish to me expect for the 5th one. The post-processing techniques look way to overdone and extreme. I hope my feedback helps somehow…

  • http://Website(optional) fionaaaaaaa the best

    Perhaps you could offer us some advice on how we can eradicate the reflection of the photographer when we take the photo?

  • http://randiscottphotography.blogspot.com/ Randi Scott

    HDR really brings out the details nicely – perfect for something like this.

    More art than accuracy but a darn nice job. Thanks for sharing this.

    I hope you do more and share them too.


  • http://www.facebook.com/maTTastic Matt Boudwin

    I dont know if “amateurish” would be the best word. I just think they are a little “overdone” in some shots.

    An amateur wouldnt even be able to focus a camera that close up.

  • http://rhynemedia.com DavidR

    Yeah, definitely a little over processed, but some at least are well processed, if not particularly attractive. #6 is pretty cool.

  • http://www.infinityprod.com David G

    Set up a black curtain or black foam core and just have the lens of the camera poking through… bounce light into the eye with a reflector or a small diffused light source, that should help.

  • http://www.photoguides.net/?fbconnect_action=myhome&userid=3933&height=400&width=370 MaikeruRoshu

    Will there be a tutorial on the eye effects?
    I have always wanted to know how to edit an eye to make it somewhat like the ones above.

  • http://www.photoguides.net/?fbconnect_action=myhome&userid=1&height=400&width=370 Ash Davies

    I’ll certainly have a look at the technique and if I can find a way to do it well then I’ll put a guide together :)

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  • http://www.photoguides.net/?fbconnect_action=myhome&userid=1&height=400&width=370 Ash Davies

    Thanks for the tips David :)
    Fiona, if you have a polarised filter then I suggest trying that as well. I’m not sure how polarisation works on an eye, but it’s worth giving a go

  • http://www.runawaygeek.com Geek

    These are very nice, Some i think maybe over done on the developing but they are still very good.. Nice sharp images..

  • http://www.photoguides.net/?fbconnect_action=myhome&userid=3933&height=400&width=370 MaikeruRoshu

    Ok thanks, if you do find anything, be sure to let us fans know! :D

  • http://Website(optional) Alexandru Cascatau

    The ability to focus closely mostly depends on your lens and not your photographic knowledge.

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  • http://www.photoguides.net/?fbconnect_action=myhome&userid=4528&height=400&width=370 Shhuls
  • http://zeroskateboards.org/ Dick Klingerman

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    Really shows the creativity of the designers

  • Ron Tedwater

    Really nice post,thank you

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    good good…this post deserves nothing :( …hahaha just joking :P …nice post :P

  • http://apalasallesantiago.es/foro/index.php?action=profile;u=36728 maria andros

    Thanks for the post, keep posting stuff

  • http://connor179bc.deviantart.com/ Connor Richardson

    hi, to who ever made this page, i would personally like thank you. I am the photographer who shot the second from the top photo the the HDR eye entitled “Hypno eye”. I greatly appreciate you including my work amongst these amazing photos.Thank you again.

  • Blind

    *Incredible* iris details. I’m still unable to shot one like these. Here’s my best so far hdrcreme.com/photos/41238-Gabriela-s-Eye

  • Appollise

    great stuff
    eddie appollis

  • Marcelo

    Beautifull Images*

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcelo.ferreiracunha.9 Marcelo Ferreira Cunha

    Beautifull Images*

  • HamPhotography

    These are awesome!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PPZPR6J7RHK2QWT6AQCIMRQ4AA Sushani

    theses eyes are so beautifull

  • Maarten

    Does anybody know how to take such photo´s. When i use my Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro i simply can’t get simaler effect (not meaning the processing of course)